Press release: Dubplate and Centralex partnership finalised

With contracts signed and everything now finalised, we’re incredibly excited to be able to announce our new partnership with Centralex! Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange combining simplified and swift user experience with safety.

The Centralex team bring huge amounts of crypto experience to the table. Their developers will help complete the platform in the coming months, meaning the Dubplate platform will become available to users even quicker so people can start creating and trading their music NFTs ASAP.

Centralex is providing the launchpad for the second round of token sales once the platform is complete. We expect this sale to dwarf the first round of token sales with a much higher price to match it, rewarding all those investors who saw Dubplate Trade’s potential early on and jumped on the opportunity, as well as giving new people the chance to get involved and grow their investments as we continue to scale. We’ll be listed on Centralex’s industry pioneering exchange.

The platform will have onramping and offramping capabilities (custodefi), making it the most user friendly exchange ever made and showcasing the cutting edge capabilities of Dubplate and Centralex.

The combined force of Dubplate and Centralex’s communities, industry connections, and marketing will provide a huge boost to growth.

We can’t wait for what’s to come, and to continue to grow, taking all of you up with us. By partnering together, Dubplate and Centralex will revolutionise crypto and NFTs. Strong individually, but unstoppable together.

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